9x50 50mm Objective Finderscope with TAL Illuminator:

9x50 50mm Objective Finderscope with TAL Illuminator:
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 6x30 30mm Objective Finderscope: Out of Stock



TAL 6X30 and 9X50 fiderscope body, bracket (not included with 9X50), eyepiece is manufactured from an Aluminum Alloy. Plastic dew shield and objective cap.

Both finderscopes have crosshair reticle for an accurate telescope adjustment.

Light weight and durable construction with World class bright optics.

An often asked question:
What is the advantage of using an optical finderscope vs. a cheaper red dot or green laser pointer?

A common rumor:
Those sometimes cheaper alternatives are just as effective as optical finderscopes.

The clear advantage where high quality optical finderscopes stand out is when used in light polluted areas. Optical finderscopes allow aligning and viewing the telescope on fainter stars, planets or DSO's that are invisible to the naked eye, thus making red dot and laser pointers useless under the same conditions. High quality optical finderscopes are a must in urban and suburban areas, or if you observe the sky close to large sources of street lights. They maximize your telescope observation potential even if conditions are not perfect. Optical finderscopes are a more versatile alignment tool than pointers.

TAL finderscopes are currently supplied with the Klevtsov-design TAL200K, TAL250K, TAL150K, and TAL refractors 125-5APO, 125R, 100RS and 75R. These fInderscopes' excellent optics and durable, thick aluminum bodies sets them apart from all the competition. The 9X50 finderscope has an Illuminator port (not M8X0.75 thread as competitor's illuminators). Mounting bracket as shown on picture, not included with TAL 9X50 finderscope. Illuminator is all aluminum, with 2 batteries included in package.


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